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Need guidance with managing your own luxury fashion brand?

Need a professional to manage your wealth and all aspects around it in one?

We can become your first door to introducing you to the right providers.

About Us

MIRAMORR is an independent consultancy based in Berlin, Germany.

A cross-over between brand management and wealth management consulting, MIRAMORR caters to the high net-worth and ultra high net-worth clients around the world.

On the brand management side, MIRAMORR specializes in luxury women’s apparel and uses a holistic approach to guide its clients. A combination of innovation and tradition of good taste bring together technical expertise and contemporary design, sophistication paired with simplicity, functionality and comfort.

Work in luxury is often associated with wealth and therefore MIRAMORR provides a unique angle to its consulting services, helping its clients with aspects related to wealth management: banking, relocation and mobility, private jets and yachting, next generation, education, and special medical services.

Our Services

Brand Management

Fashion brand business analysis, valuation and day-to-day business management.

Wealth Management

Introduction to wealth management service providers.

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